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Step off the train don’t think I can make it
Pull up my boots I try to fake it
Ill fit for the cosmopolitan route
I grapple down the sugar coated way
Duped into believing it's the only means to confection
Searching for a place of perfection
An unreal world known only to few
I take it all in for the long, bumpy ride
Makes me mad I stole your view

Fulfilling an unrewarding journey
Covering the rails the train moves past me and on to you
It’s there for the long haul holding me to you
You seem happy, enjoying the view? 
Why can’t I?
Deep down inside I’m scared I just might
No stops for me to get off I hold on tight
Do it for so long I just can’t take it

Hoping to catch another ride
I jump for safety onto an unknown land
Rolling down the grass I bank a ledge
Realizing it doesn’t matter where or how I go
As long as I enjoy the journey
That’s when I knew
I can no longer be you
I have to be me

Grow out my hair
Put some high heels on
Decided it's time I come along
Bound to be real
I sprout an inch
Get a pinch
Take my heart
And my soul
No more deliberations
Time for me to vise command
Gonna Pay my own way
So I can act my way
Make it my day
I gotta be me

Oh wonderful me

OK2BME © by Stacy Kuras